2.5 мм
0.50 кг
1 package

66.00 UAH.

COATING TYPE  - Rutile-cellulose

AWS A 5.1:E 6013 ISO 2560-A-E 42 0 RC 11 ГОСТ 9466 — 75

Э 46 –Монолiт РЦ-Ø-УД

Е 43 2(3) РЦ 11

ТУ У 28.7-34142621-004:2010

Electrodes MONOLITH RC are differed from similar products of other manufacturers by a value and intensity of welding aerosol evolution and manganese formation during the welding process. This was achieved by selecting the high-quality raw materials and high-level control of technological processes in electrodes manufacture. The E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS Ukraine and Institution of Medicine Labour of the AMS Ukraine confirmed that manganese precipitation was reduced for more than 30%, the evolution of harmful elements in welding aerosol was reduced for more than 28%. 

• Electrodes MONOLITH RC are characterized by an easy primary and secondary arc exciting, soft and stable arc burning, provide low spatter loss, uniform melting of the coating, excellent weld metal formation, easy slag crust removal. 

• Electrodes allow welding at the lowest currents. For the small-diameter electrodes, the welding can be performed from power sources, connected to conventional mains.

• Easy use of electrodes gives an opportunity to perform welding by a beginning welder.

• Welding in hard-to-reach places. Feasibility of electrode bending without the coating damage.

• It is possible to perform welding on oxidized, greased and painted surfaces.



Universal electrode for a wide application in industry and everyday life with the minimized value of welding aerosol evolution. It is designed for manual arc welding conventional and critical structures of low-carbon grades of steels, supplied by DSTU 2651/GOST 380 (St. 0, St.1, St. 2, St.3 of all groups A,B,C and all degrees of deoxidation – “RIMMED”(кп), “SEMI-KILLED”(пс), “KILLED“(сп) and by GOST 1050 (05кп, 08кп, 08пс, 08, 10кп, 10пс, 10, 15кп, 15пс, 15, 20кп, 20пс, 20), on direct or alternating current, in all the spatial positions (except vertical downward one for 5.0 mm diameter electrodes). 



Deposition rate factor: 8.5 – 9.5 g/A·h. Electrode consumption per 1 kg of deposited metal is 1.75 kg. 

• Electrodes MONOLITH RC are designed for welding fillet, butt, overlap joints of metal from 3 up to 20 mm thickness.

• Electrodes are low-sensitive to the edge preparation quality, presence of rust and other surface contaminations. 

• During assembly welding the operation in all the spatial positions without welding current changes is possible. Welding of vertical down welds is performed by a short arc or touch welding. It is recommended to avoid the slag flowing-in ahead the arc. To prevent this, the angle of electrode lifting to vertical should be 40 – 70°. It is recommended in a flat position to incline the electrode in the welding direction by 20 – 40° from vertical.


At the normal storage conditions, redrying is not required. In case of moisture the redrying is made at 110±10°С for 25-30 min. 



Mn Si C P S
0.40-0.65 0.15-0.40 ≤ 0.11 ≤ 0.035 ≤ 0.030


Tensile strength, MPa Yield strength, MPa Elongation, %

Impact strength, 

J / сm² +20 ˚С

Absorbed striking energy, J

0 ˚С

500-640 ≥ 420 ≥ 22 ≥ 78 ≥ 47

Welding should be made at DC of any polarity (it is recommended by reverse one, «+» at electrode) or AC from open-circuit voltage transformer of not less than 50±5 V.


Diameter, mm Length, mm Welding current, A Units per package, pcs Weight of packing, kg
2 300 40-80 50-53; 100-106 0.5; 1
2.5 350 50-90 26-28; 54-56; 106-111; 133-138 0.5;1; 2; 2,5
3 350 70-110 18-19; 35-37; 90-94 1;2.5
3.2 350 80-120 16; 32; 78-81 0.5;1;2.5
4 450 110-170 16-17; 40-41; 81-83 1;2.5; 5
5 450 150-220 53-54 5



ISO 6947



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