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LLC “Plasmatec” set Research and Development Center (R&D center)


  LLC “Plasmatec” set Research and Development Center (R&D center) on the base of the fundamental and technological knowledge of E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute (EWI) of National Academy of Sciences and National Technical University of Ukraine (NTUU) “Sikorski Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. The main goal of the R&D center is design competitive industrial decisions and technologies, and support modern industry branches with fundamentally new production methods. The technological core of the R&D center is high-energy electron beam (EB) treatment of different materials. Today’s capacities and resources of the R&D center cover full scale of activity including:

  • fundamental and applied scientific researches;
  • design and service life expertize/assignment of industrial parts;
  • parts manufacturing - technology design


R&D center structurally contains a set of industrial and scientific laboratories directed to develop and implement technological processes as follows:

  ✓ EB surface treatment in a vacuum environment;

  ✓ high-speed specific materials sintering processes by EB in a vacuum environment


В результаті проведених фізичних експериментів встановлено, що високоенергетичний пучок електронів – ефективний інструмент для обробки тугоплавких металів та композитів на їх основі.

Стратегія досягнення мети:

It is experimentally proved that high energies electron beam is a very effective instrument for transient metals treatment including widely industrially used W, Mo, Ti, Co and their chemical compounds like carbides.  The EB energy in order of ~ 5×108 W/sm2 input causes very specific heat transfer mechanisms and unique material structure as result.



Our LLC “ Plasmatec” is open for new technological ideas and approaches discussion including joint R&D projects realization especially projects which expand EB application in modern industry.    . 


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