Aluminum welding wire ER 5356 Ø1 mm: pkg 7 kg
1 мм
7.00 кг
1 package
2710.00 UAH.
AWS A5.10: ER5356 EN ISO 18273: S AL 5356 (ALMg5Cr(A))

The aluminum welding wire ER5356 is widely applied for argon-arc TIG welding of profiles and metal structures of Al-Mg alloys, containing of up to 5% of magnesium, such as ALMg3, ALMg4, ALMg5, ALMg6 with analogous materials using direct current. The welding wire ER5356 is used for welding of aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys of 6XXX groups (EN AW 6060/6063, 6005, 6201 and their analogues, and also for welding of these alloys with the alloys of 1XXX, 3XXX and 5XXX groups, if the share of the adding material in the weld joint is more than 50%. It is used for the constructions that are subject to further anodizing. This alloy is widely used for shipbuilding and automobile construction, railway line construction, welding of reservoirs for storage and transportation of liquid and bulk products, pressure vessels.


The welding wire is used for all types of welding. During the welding of hardened rolled metal annealing occurs in the area of the weld joint, that’s why strength corresponds to the main material strength in the annealed condition. For manual argon-arc welding, dried non-consumable tungsten electrodes are used, together with high-grade argon and alternating current. If the thickness of the welded metal is 5-6 mm, then electrodes with a diameter of 1.5-5 mm are used. Between the electrode and the welding wire, it is necessary to withstand an angle of about 85-90 °. Filler metal feed is made with reciprocating movements. The optimal gas flow achieves effective protection. Metal up to 10 mm thick is welded from right to left: this technique allows to reduce the overheating of weld metal.


The alloys of the system Al-Mg are characterized by a combination of strength, good plasticity, weldability, and corrosion resistance even in seawater. This alloy is the most common among the aluminum-magnesium alloys.





Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Be
≤0.25 ≤0.40 ≤0.10 0.05-0.20 4.50-5.50 0.05-0.20 ≤0.10 0.06-0.20 ≤0.0003



Tensile strength, MPa Elongation, % Yield strength, MPa

Impact strength, J

+20 ˚С

≥275 ≥17 ≥126 ≥16



Nominal diameter of wire, mm Weight of package, kg
1.0 2;7
1.2 2;7
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